We are all Flora's Angels... 

Flora's Angels specializes in all natural, handmade skincare products, including body butters, body scrubs, lip scrubs, face products and more. Not only are we committed to providing customers with luxury products for a reasonable price, but the purpose of Flora’s Angels is to promote better skincare regimens and educate our customers on products that they put in and on their bodies. Beauty starts from within and Flora’s Angels is here to motivate, inspire, educate and provide to our customers. 

Flora’s Angels is for the confident, ambitious, go-getter Angels who acknowledge that being beautiful is not about having flawless skin, gorgeous hair and a picture-perfect lifestyle. It’s about embracing all flaws, accepting them as part of your identity and living your best life because of, not in spite of your flaws. We, at Flora’s Angels, are here to remind everyone of their beauty and we hope that our products gives you the boost of confidence that you need to push through each day. 

Flora’s Angels was created and totally inspired by the life and legacy of Flora Woods, the grandmother of the Owner, Alicia Carroll, and Creative Director, Sydni Wilson. She was the pillar of our family and the glue that held it together. When we needed advice, a confidence boost, a reality check, Miss Flora provided. She made everyone feel like family and we hope to share that same energy with you. What a delightful way to carry on her spirit of love in these products. We are all Flora’s Angels.