When it comes to goals, I admit it. I have a problem, as many of us do. Goal setting is very important, and sticking to them is even more imperative. Many of us have goals such as saving money, losing weight, raising our GPA’s, mending relationships, etc. Here are a few ways to help you accomplish goals

  1. Set a Reasonable Goal. Do not plan on losing 50 pounds in 2 months. It’s just not going to happen and if it does, it’s not health.  Do your research, be real with yourself, know your limits THEN set your reasonable goal with a reasonable timeframe. Also, set sub-goals that help get to the larger goal. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, set a sub goal to lose a certain amount every two weeks.

  2. Stay Motivated. Two words (besides stay motivated): TUNNEL VISION. The end result should always be on your mind. Stay from people and objects that may deter you from your goal. It probably wouldn’t be best to go to the casino if your goal is saving money. Read books that help you stay focused, start the day with an inspirational quote, start following category blogs and Instagram pages.

  3. Have an Accountability Partner. Having someone who shares a similar mindset as you is crucial. When you have a partner you can motivate each other, if you fall off, your partner will be there to pick you up and guide you to the right track. Also, make sure your accountability partner is serious. You can’t stay focused if your partner isn’t focused.

  4. Write it Down. When you see your visions and plans on paper, they become real. Write it down, make a vision board, put the most important things on it and put it on your wall. Look at it every day and that will also keep you on track.

Setting goals can be so easy in the beginning, but they get harder as times goes on. When you stick to your goals and actually accomplish them, you get a sense of achievement. Small changes in what you do can help you stick to your goals and achieve them.