People often confuse self-love with arrogance, which is… ridiculous. When did thinking highly of yourself and knowing your worth mean that you think you are above someone else? Self-love is very important, especially when every media outlet is advertising products and services that alter who you are to supposedly make you love yourself more (insert eye roll emoji).  

Achieving self-love can be difficult, but it is very worth it. Here are a few reasons why self-love is imperative.

  1. When you know your worth, you attract people who are worthy of your presence. Exuding confidence radiates to others. Your light shines brighter and it brightens others’ day.

  2. When you have self-love, you accept all of your flaws. Many people struggle with insecurities. A lot of people let these insecurities hold them back from who they could truly be. It inhibits them from reaching their full potential. When you accept your flaws, you are fully accepting yourself for who you are. At that point you are limitless. Your qualities and characteristics were given to you, for you. Use them to be the beautiful person you were made to be.

  3. When you love yourself, you have better relationships. The likelihood of you settling for anything basically disappear. You know you’re a Queen and shouldn’t be treated like anything less. Confidence, independence, and resilience makes it nearly impossible for anyone to take advantage of you.

When you love yourself you become a better person. You will live your life in a whole new light. You walk with your head up; you walk with purpose. If you feel as though you lack self-love, look at those three reasons and practice the art of loving yourself. Give it a try and watch your life transform!

Love yourself or nobody else will.