Angel Angel on the Wall, who's the prettiest of them all?

This question seems to be the main concern of women today. Unfortunately, it seems that the focus has shifted from "how can I uplift my sister" to "how can I be better than my sister." With today's standard of beauty, women are aspiring to unrealistic goals. Perfect bodies, perfect hair, perfect smile, perfect life --- but the truth of the matter is, these things just don't exist (no matter what Kylie Jenner says). So why are we so concerned with being better than the woman next to us?

I think the answer to this question partially lies in the fact that we are defining ourselves through other people. If we see a "pretty" woman, instead of admiring and appreciating her, we try to change ourselves to fit those same standards of beauty. Even if we don't want to admit it, we do it. I mean think about it, why do we use websites like Pinterest for outfit ideas, or hair and makeup styles? I don't know about you but I know why I use it-- to recreate the look so I can look just as good, or better than the girl in the picture. 

As women we need to go back to the days of good, 'ole fashion, girl power. Girl power meaning, "us girls against the world", and not some twisted competition of "girls against girls".  Taking care of ourselves and being the truest version of ourselves is the most valuable thing that we can do. It helps us to be more content with who we are, and helps us be an example to young women who are extremely vulnerable to low self-esteem and self-doubt. They need it most.

Just the other day, I was listening to a young girl talk to her friend. She was scrolling through her Facebook timeline. The young lady siting next to her comments on one of the pictures on the timeline and says, "oh she's pretty." The Facebook girl responds and says "yes she is really pretty, but I'm not going to like her picture." You see! This is the pettiness that we live with each and everyday. What reason did she have to not like the picture? Maybe there was some history behind her decision to keep scrolling, but I'll bet $100 that it was her pride keeping her from pressing the "like" button. We need to fight our urges to disown the girl code and find ways to stay true to women and stay true to ourselves.

Ultimately, what I'm getting at here is, IT'S OKAY TO BE YOU." Being different is what makes you special. Being different is what makes you, YOU (and not Kylie Jenner, haha). And just in case you haven't heard, you are amazing! So if you're looking in the mirror, asking yourself "who is the prettiest of them all," respond to yourself and say "Who cares!" And when you're done, go find a woman and love on her.

And like J. Cole said, love yours.

Angelically yours,