Even after nine months of Flora's Angels being in business, I still get excited every time I make a product. Melting, cooling, whipping products into a light, fluffy substance that leaves my skin feeling great -- I do a little happy dance after every batch. 

Knowing my love for what I do and the products that I create, OF COURSE I travel with my samples. Below is a list of Flora's Angels products that I consider travel essentials. 

Flora's Angels Tee

I got t-shirts made for my entire family in remembrance of my grandmother. It has definitely become a part of my airport outfit. It's super comfy and I love representing my brand and my grandmother every where I go. 

Body Butter

Since I started making my own skincare products, I have not used any other lotions or creams on my body besides Flora's Angels. There's no need to! I lather it on after a shower and I don't even need to wear perfume. As soon as I walk into my office, my coworkers can smell me. This is attention that I can get used to! 

Oily Skin Face Cream

I travel back and forth from Chicago to the West Coast, so the extreme change in weather can definitely take a toll on my face. Essssssspecially when it's windy -- Chicago shows no remorse. The great thing about the face cream is that it protects my face in all types of weather. My face is soft and moisturized before I apply makeup. 

Charcoal Face Wash

Another must-have for climate and environmental changes when traveling. Every night and day, I wash my face with the charcoal face wash to pull dirt, build-up and impurities from my face. The face wash is most important to me at night, after I've taken off my full face of makeup. After being in meetings and client dinners for up to 12 hours, my face needs a good cleansing and the charcoal face wash does it. 

Trust me, these aren't the only products that I use from the Flora's Angels line. I typically use one of the body scrubs the morning of my flight to ensure smooth, moisturized skin. I also use the lip scrub and if I find a moment to relax, I'll toss a bath melt into a nice hot bath to decompress for the day. 

Which products will you add to your toiletry bag?