The #ReadySetGlow campaign is all about encouraging our Angels to become the best version of themselves. The first step in the process was to address and accept what we (or society) considers “flaws.” The next step in the journey is the prep work to become the best version of yourself. We are so excited about this journey that we’re taking with you. Let’s get prepared for the ultimate GLOW!

We have less than TWO MONTHS left in 2018! Can you believe it?! I often look back at the goals that I made at the beginning of the year, think about what I’ve done over the last ten months, then look at the goals again while deep sighing and taking a sip of wine. Don’t get me wrong, I made some progress with my personal and professional goals, but nowhere near what I wanted to achieve in 2018. Most people are at a point where they’ve given up on 2018 and vow to do better in 2019. We get it — it’s the holiday season, which means, more shopping, more comfort food, more parties. However, we are encouraging ALL ANGELS to maximize 2018 in these last two months and make some short term goals to finish out the year. Below we’ve listed three tips that will help you make and attain your goals.

Make realistic goals.

Once again, we have less than TWO MONTHS left in 2018. It wouldn’t be smart for us to set lofty goals in such a short amount of time. For example, my skincare goal for the remainder of 2018 should not be “have blemish-free skin by December 31st” because if I haven’t started on this goal, there’s no way my skin will be free of blemishes in two months. A more realistic goal that I can set for myself is “develop and be consistent with a skincare regimen.” There’s less pressure behind this goal, it’s actually attainable and it will put me one step closer to my ultimate goal of having blemish-free skin.

When you’re making goals, think to yourself, “Can I really achieve this goal in six weeks or less?” Setting realistic parameters around what you want to achieve helps minimize disappointment and set more accessible success points. How can you make an unrealistic goal into a realistic one?

Write down your goals and post them in your house.

It’s one thing to say “I’m going to do XYZ” but it’s something about writing down a goal that makes it more rigid and honestly, REAL. It’s easy for us to say “oh yea, I’m going to do that,” but when you have the constant reminder everywhere you go, it’s harder for you to forget. My bathroom mirror is surrounded by post-its full of life goals and motivational sayings. Every time I walk into my bathroom and I see them, I say to myself “that’s right, girl. You WILL achieve this!”

Make sub-goals that will help you get to the primary goal.

Sometimes we need to think of a systematic, step by step approach to making something happen. This can come in the form of sub-goals, which will make your goals a bit more easier to achieve. If my goal is to create a consistent skincare regimen, the next question is HOW do I plan to achieve this goal? I need to purchase (or make) the skincare products, create a night-time routine, create a day-time routine and find a day where I can designate time each week to do a face mask or deep cleanse routine. By having steps that ladder back into the ultimate goal, it makes even the scariest goals seem more manageable.

There’s a fourth tip that we have to give you and that’s to ENCOURAGE YOURSELF. The holidays bring about stress, unhealthy eating habits, poor spending, mixed emotions, etc. It’s going to be hard to stay motivated in the midst of Ugly Christmas Sweater parties, Friendsgiving and company functions, but you have to stay focused and motivated. One of my favorite pastors, Pastor Michael Todd of the Transformation Church, said “Have faith. Say what you expect. Really believe. Have no doubt. It WILL happen.” That is a WORD! Believe in yourself, believe in God and anything can happen.

We hope that these quick tips can help you achieve some of the goals on your list so that you exit 2018 feeling more accomplished than when you entered. We agree — 2019 will be AMAZING but that doesn’t mean that 2018 can’t end on an amazing note either.