There is a common misconception of self-love circulating in our world. The media makes it appear to be rainbows and sunshine, with a lot of staring in the mirror, smiling at how amazing you are. As beautiful as that concept of self-love is, it’s not rooted in reality. This definition doesn’t account for the days that we look at ourselves and the only thing we have to say is “meh.” This definition doesn’t account for the days when we can’t stand to look at ourselves at all. This definition doesn’t account for the fact that, self-love will look different on all of us.

There is no accurate definition of self-love because every person’s definition of self-love is individually and uniquely defined to our own personhood, to our own needs. And that, my friends, is beautiful.

Have you ever heard of the saying “it’s okay to not be okay”? Well, for me that’s what self-love is. It’s about figuring out how to deal with being me, on the days where being me feels like hard work. It’s about pushing through the good days and the bad, correcting myself when I’m wrong and giving myself credit I’m right. It’s a give and take process, but I know that’s what I need in my life to get me through the day.

So what do you need to get you through your day and what is standing in your way as you try to make that happen? Is it that your daily routine just isn’t working anymore? Is it that the people in your life are bringing negative energy instead of positive? Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to get rid of it! Piggy backing off last week’s blog, sometimes you must cleanse your world and purge parts of your life, so you can recover and feel like yourself again. I know that can be scary but there is self-love in learning how to conquer your fears. There is self-love in learning how to stretch yourself beyond your limits.

The road may be long and rough but making the decision to choose YOU will be one of the most rewarding, and wonderfully selfish things you’ve ever done. Some people will love you more for who you become, some people will like you less for who you will be. No matter what, you pave your path to loving you, and then walk on it boldly and non-poetically. Set the standard for your life, and everything and everyone else will fall in line.

Cheers to new joy!

Cheers to building peace!

Cheers to loving You!