The purpose of Flora’s Angels is not to sell you body butter and scrubs. Our mission is help create a better version of you through better skincare regimens, products and overall lifestyle. To be honest, you can purchase the best skincare products in the world, but if you don’t create better lifestyle habits, your skin will not be its best. As modern-day, on-the-go females, proper self-care is a necessity to get through the day, but also to prevent the stressors of life from having an effect on your skin.

Proper self-care diminishes the negative effects of stress and while a small amount of stress may have its purpose, after a while, it will gradually break down your mind and body. This effect will be more visible on your skin, as fine lines and wrinkles will appear. Taking proper care of yourself means preventing stress from taking over and this will allow you perform at full capacity.

Practicing self-care is important and there are several basic things you can do to get you started and hopefully develop it into a habit. Regardless of how self-indulgent or capricious the term ‘self-care’ may sound, it is crucial for our physical as well as emotional and mental well-being. You must not disregard self-care and here's how:

Know Your Worth!

Do you know who you are? Who you really are?? Being aware of your worth enables you to strive and explore your best potential in life. Recognize who you really are and you can achieve a lot of great things. By knowing your life skills, you can be able to determine what field you need to specialize. The more you develop your skills and achieve personal growth in the process, the higher the chance you have in becoming successful. You are smart. You are beautiful. You are worth it!

Major Keys: Proper Diet & Fitness

You can’t feel good or look good if you’re not active and eating properly (trust me I know). Every now and then, it’s ok to indulge in the foods and activities you love (like eating McDonald’s fries 🤤), but you should also ensure that you’re eating nutrient-rich foods and staying active. It makes a difference in your mood, energy levels and your skin! It is easy to build your self-confidence and assert your female energy if you are physically well. You can do nutritional tune ups or you can consult dietician or a physical training professional to help you get physically fit in no time. Sometimes, we only have to improve our physical being to find inner happiness.

Meditate and find your inner peace

If you haven’t tried meditation before, this is the best time to do it. If you have fallen off your meditation habit, recommit yourself and return to your daily meditation. Meditation is an effortless therapy that helps improve not only brain but your body and psyche as well. Meditating doesn't just help your mind and body relax but helps regulate stress which causes acne, wrinkles, dry skin and even hair loss. Show your skin some love from the inside out and spend 10 minutes focusing on yourself!

Enjoy a spa weekend

If you feel worn out, stressed, and tired due to your job, busy work schedule, you should consider heading to a day spa for a relaxing weekend. More often than not, it is easy for you to lose contact with your sensual side simply because you are too busy doing everything life requires of you!. At a health retreat and day spa, not only will you be able to have a wonderful relaxing moment but you can also take the opportunity to reconnect with your inner self, which we forget about due to stress or work related pressures.

We want the best for you at Flora’s Angels! You can’t achieve beautiful skin, if you don’t take time to focus on yourself and develop consistent self-care habits! Want more tips? Head to our Instagram page (@Floras_Angels)!