The anti-aging beauty industry is an ever-growing industry, with everyone offering anti-aging products and solutions. While we are all about products that maintain youth, we believe in aging gracefully and that comes with lifestyle changes too. Your skin requires HIGH MAINTENANCE if you want to steer clear of added wrinkles and fine lines. Let’s take a look at a few anti-aging tips we can all benefit from, young and old!

No Smoking!

One very important lifestyle change that you need to make is to quit smoking. Smoking already has a lot of negative effects attributed to it: it increases the risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and other life-threatening ailments. On top of that, it negatively impacts your looks and appearance. Smoking increases your chances of having wrinkles, stained teeth, undereye circles – who wants that?!

Healthy Eating.

Angels, you have to watch what you eat and ensure that your diet is balanced with super foods, protein, healthy fats and lots of water. We recommend reducing your intake of sugar and alcohol and instead, consuming foods rich in protein and vitamins that will go a long way in giving you beautiful skin. Protein diet helps to build up collagen and provide vitamins C and E which will help you look younger. Please don’t be fooled. Our outward appearance is largely affected by the activities going on in our body so that should be motivation for you to watch what you eat!

Sun Protection.

In the same vein, you will need to use sunscreens that have a very high sun protection factor (SPF) - 35 and above is highly recommended. Apart from keeping your skin supple, they eliminate chances of having age spots and skin burns. When choosing the right sunscreen, always go for the ones that are also good moisturizers. Look out for antioxidant contents in your sunscreen as this will help protect the collagen in your skin.

Vitamins & Supplements

While we recommend getting your daily vitamins from the foods you eat, you can also invest in vitamins and supplements, especially vitamins with Omega-3 fatty acids, because they have moisturizing effects on the skin. It delays aging by giving it this oily content that keeps it supple as the natural fat content of the skin reduces with age. The omega-3 fatty acids can also be consumed when eating  foods like fish, lean meat and seafood.


Next thing to consider is retinol! If you are looking for a youthful skin you cannot look past the good old retinol. The anti-aging effects of retinoids and retinol have been well known for over four decades. Retinol helps in cell regeneration, pushing dead skin cells out and bringing the healthy skin cells to the surface.

Aging is inevitable, but if you apply the tips above to your routine, you can grow old while looking younger. Let’s age gracefully Angels!