We know you’ve been waiting your whole life to hear this, so here goes:

Sugar is GOOD for you!

Doesn’t that sound amazing to hear (well, read)? It’s true, but not in the sense that we would like so put down that candy! We’re here for skincare so let’s discuss all the ways that sugar can be great for the skin!

Yes, eating sugar can make those pounds add up but it can also make your skin smoother. Seeing as how it’s a natural humectant, that means it takes moisture from the environment and locks it into your skin. So there you have the hydration and moisture necessary to get that smooth, supple skin we all look for during every season, but especially summer. Get into that glow, girl!

What do we always preach here at Flora’s Angels?


A good sugar scrub, specifically one of our ‘With Love & Patience’ body scrubs or perhaps our ‘Passionate Glow’ body scrub, will do wonders for your skin’s rejuvenation. Sugar is a lot less harsh than salt (scrubs), so the gentleness of the abrasion while using it removes damaged skin cells and opens up those clogged pores. It gets in those nooks and crannies to move out dead and damaged skin. Though this process does a lot of work for you, it’s still soft enough to use on all skin types. With the scrubbing done, the skin is less prone to acne, blackheads, breakouts, blemishes, etc.

And last but certainly not least, sugar scrubs help with the inevitable for us all: aging. Sugar naturally possesses glycolic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that gets into the deepest layers of the skin to break down skin cells. This helps cell regeneration and encourages new skin cells, which gives us younger-looking skin. It also helps with sun damaged skin. It balances the skin to help it maintain its equilibrium and leave a natural glow.

So now that you’ve learned how sugar can bring you that sweet, radiant glow, what are you waiting for? Head up to our Skincare menu and take a trip to our Body Scrub collection. All of our scrubs are sugar scrubs except the Radiant Skin salt scrub, so get closer to that summer skin today!