Everyone knows how draining it is when the Monday morning alarm goes off. It feels like the weight of the world comes crashing down onto your shoulders. Luckily for you, we’ve thought of a plan to help you start and finish each and every week strong and in charge. If you’re just looking for a way to release, or looking for energy to keep you going, these ideas can certainly help make most days feel as good as Friday!

Drink Water

Okay, we know everyone says this but... water is good for you. No, seriously, water does so much for your mind and body. It helps to clear out harmful toxins in your body and keeps you hydrated, which can prevent you from feeling (and looking) tired and fatigued throughout the day. I have friends who seriously think that water is the cure for everything. I’m starting to thinking they’re right! Water isn’t just great for the way you feel on the inside, it also helps you feel better on the outside too. Drinking water instead of soda and juice can help prevent breakouts and pimples that make you want to stay inside all day. Even if water does none of these amazing things for you, I can guarantee you that drinking water will keep you running to the bathroom. There’s that cardio workout you didn’t think you’d get to. It’s already built into the plan!

Exfoliate and Moisturize

Waking up at 6 AM is difficult, I know. One thing that helps me out is using Flora’s Angels body scrubs in the shower. They smell great so they wake up my senses, and give me an extra nudge to wake up with a gentle exfoliation. Also, taking some extra time in the warmth of the shower feels special to me. It’s my morning routine. It’s how I get my blood flowing, my mind thinking, and my body moving. Even if you’re the type to take showers at night, using exfoliating products can help your skin feel silky smooth for when you climb into the warmth of your blankets. I always top my exfoliation off with some of the Flora’s Angels Body Butter. The extra layer of fragrance and the creaminess of the butter give me a little extra boost of feel good. People always say, “when you look good, you feel good” but I think the saying works both ways. When you feel good in the morning, you also have more energy and desire to put your best foot forward to look good as well. Taking a little extra “me-time” with my skin in the morning gives me all the confidence and self-love I need to start my day off like a champ! (P.s. Peachy Delight is my fav!)


Mental health is so important but also so easily to forgotten about. Journaling your thoughts, both good and bad, can help your mind stay clear and focused for all the things you need to accomplish. I like to journal at night. It really helps me to dump my day out and free my mind for a good nights rest. When I journal at night, I notice that I have fewer bad dreams and I sleep more soundly. Probably because I’m not worry about all the things I have going on tomorrow or the day after. A good tip for journaling is, don’t always think about it “Dear Diary” style. That can get awkward and redundant Sometimes journaling is just about having a special place to write down whatever you want. You can jot down an idea, plan a fun trip, or just draw a pretty picture. Your journal can be whatever you need at the moment.

Hopefully, these tips help you throughout the week. The days may get long and tough, but finding ways to refresh yourself can be quite rewarding personally and professionally, mentally and physically. Happy Cleansing!!