You can’t spell exfoliation without ‘ex,’ so treat those dead skin cells like old boyfriends and get them OUTTA here. There are so many benefits to exfoliating your skin and we’re gonna break the very best ones down! Springtime glows are created in the winter, so let’s get to work.

There are multiple ways to do exfoliate, but they all fall under two methods: physical and chemical. Physical would be the ways most of us know, with scraping tools and microdermabrasion, but chemical exfoliation uses acids or enzymes to remove dead skin cells. Now that we have some background laid down, let’s jump into some benefits of this important step.


Team work makes the dream work!

One of the most important benefits is the fact that exfoliation helps the other components of skincare work a lot better for your skin. When we break down that layer of dead skin, then fresh cells are open and free to receive your other products. They’re able to wiggle down into your pores and do their job more efficiently!

Say goodbye to dark spots.

Hyperpigmentation meets its match with a consistent exfoliation routine.  Those dark spots start to lighten up eventually but patience is key—it takes a long time to see the progress.

People with dry skin, you should exfoliate too!

Most people wouldn’t know that dry skin can be helped from exfoliation but it does! Move those dead cells and apply some moisturizer. Even ingrown hairs can be stopped from this practice.

We love exfoliating — but don’t overdo it!

Don’t over-exfoliate, or you could strip away natural oils and do way more harm than good. Exfoliating twice a week, however, will keep your skin fresh and youthful while helping your other products work together for your best skin results.

Tired of your blemishes and red marks? Exfoliation is the key.

Clogged pores? Yep, it clears up all that.

There are so many positive benefits, which is why it’s one of the most important steps in the skincare regimen.