Alicia Carroll

Is the creator and CEO of Flora’s Angels, an all-natural handmade skincare company. In her role at Flora’s Angels, Alicia wears multiple hats. From being in the kitchen, whipping butters and mixing scrubs, developing strategic partnerships, constantly evolving the vision, to building a team to support her, Alicia is 100% dedicated to providing the best products, services and tips to the Flora’s Angels target audience. “I want customers to think of Flora’s Angels as the good girl friend who’s always there when you need her and gives the best advice.”
Industrial & Design Engineer at heart, Alicia is no stranger to innovation and Flora's Angels is no exception. Flora's Angels was born out of her own need for beauty products that would be gentle on her sensitive skin, yet potent enough to keep her skin moisturized throughout the day. Alicia has always suffered from imperfect skin: hyperpigmentation, acne scars, stretch marks, etc.  After years of being self-conscious, trying to either cover up her flaws or sampling endless consumer brands, she decided literally to take matters into her own hands. Thus, Flora's Angels was born: a customized line of body butters created from natural ingredients with high absorbency to leave your skin feeling soft, smelling fresh, and keeps you looking and feeling great all day long. 
Alicia graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences. Currently, Alicia is leading the Social Marketing Science team at an award-winning digital advertising agency as well as being SuperMom to her seven year old son, Evan.
Contact Alicia at AliciaC@florasangels.com


Sydni Wilson 

Sydni Elise Wilson is a native of Chicago’s very best side: the “west side”! Growing up in an environment full of family, laughter, and fun, Sydni flourished into a outgoing and quirky girl with an eye for fashion, and a passion for people and creativity. She attended Whitney M. Young Magnet High School and after graduating with honors, she traded in her high school blue and orange for none other than the Illini blue and orange. As a student at the University of Illinois, Sydni participated as a dancer in cultural shows, started her own women’s empowerment club, participated in the Black Chorus, and planned a Civil Rights Pilgrimage, all while maintaining a 3.8 GPA.  In May 2018, Sydni graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Advertising.

Currently Sydni resides in Chicago where she works with Flora’s Angels and does event planning on the weekends. Her current hobbies include reading, shopping, and checking out cool new brunch spots. Known as a smiling face, and bubbly spirt amongst her peers Sydni is enthusiastic about honoring her grandmothers legacy through the Flora’s Angels platform. She hopes that the work of the FA team will not only inspire people but also encourage them to be the very best version of themselves.As the creative director of Flora’s Angel’s, Sydni hopes that the company’s mission extends beyond skincare and accessories, but also infiltrates the hearts and minds of all of its customers.

Contact Sydni at SydniW@florasangels.com